Processing external confirmations virtually has never been safer!

Secure Technology at the

Heart of e-Circu.

  • All your work is safely stored on encrypted, password protected servers located in France.
  • We guarantee the safety of your files, and all content is encrypted in transit with world-class encryption and key management techniques.

  • e-Circu creates an audit trail between all parties with key elements of the audit trail appended to all executed signature requests reducing the risk of fraud.

  • All your data is protected and the interface is 100% GPDR compliant and complies with NEP-505 standards.

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Choosing e-Circu guarantees data-protection for auditors, lawyers, bankers and creditors by keeping everything in one central hub!

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Our fees offers the possibility to enter the digital world of auditing, all whilst offering a fantastic return on investment for your practice.

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